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Joeie در 2 تير 1392 - 10:49 گفته :
Hello Martin,You’r correct about that. At the moment you’r only allowed to have one and one Oracle Home on your ODA. As of appliance manager 2.3 (July 2012/Q3 2012?) the ODA should support an “unlimited” number of Oracle database homes on each server (MOS 1415713.1 applies to ODA 2.1 and 2.2).Reading the readme accompying the 2.2 patch shows that you should be able to have databases running in from both Oracle homes (as long as you upgrade your GI to but there are some bugs (known issues) with this patch, the most annoying ones – I think – are:- you can’t have the appliance manager upgrade your databases automatically to if the database name is in uppercase (so you have to manually upgrade these databases – MOS 1453154.1)- the permissions of the “oracle” executable are wrong and you have to manually set themWe haven’t applied the 2.2 release on our ODA’s mainly because of the long downtime it already takes for normal patch bundles (and 2.2 is not a standard patch bundle with the installation of new patchsets, new OS kernel and upgrading databases) and the pretty small time frame between the releases of ODA patch bundles.

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